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The speed of business has accelerated. From product labels, blog posts to commercial videos, marketers hustle to create timely and creative contents for dozens of products. However, ensuring that everything you write about your product falls in line with compliance requirements can be a daunting task. Currently, these massive volume of marketing contents are reviewed and audited manually to detect words that may violate regulations. In addition, finding replacement words requires back and forth discussions. This time-consuming marketing compliance process slows down creativity and content release.

How can TurinTech help? 

Using TurinTech, marketers can automatically build smart AI models on their marketing contents. These AI models will review thousands of words within a short time and identify every single word with regulation risks. Unlike human reviewers, AI won’t get tired during reviewing and miss non-compliances. Moreover, AI models will recommend words that are neutral and precise for replacement. In addition, AI models can learn about new regulations quickly, ensuring marketing contents are always meeting latest codes.

  • Accelerate content development: AI-enable automated compliance review shortens the whole process to ensure timely marketing.​
  • Reduce compliance risk: prevent non-compliance and reduce penalty risks.​
  • Boost customer trust: well-regulated contents help build reliable brand image and increase customer trust.

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