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evoML Platform

Automatically generate high-performing ML model code from your data, focusing on speed and memory usage while reducing deployment costs for your hardware.

Generate ML Code from your Data

Automatically generate high-performing ML code simply by uploading your data. evoML speeds up the data science lifecycle providing production-quality code. Explainable workflow that you can trust.

Accelerate your ML Code

Bring your model code or build one with evoML. Our platform will optimise its speed and memory usage while reducing deployment costs for your hardware. Deploy anywhere.

Artemis AI

Optimize underperforming code, identify inefficiencies and apply recommendiations to increase performance while reducing computational costs.

Optimise your Code with AI

Artemis identifies inefficiencies in your performance-critical lines of code, and recommends optimal solutions to accelerate application speed and reduce computational costs.

Detect Code Inefficiencies

Review and cross-reference different lines of code simultaneously in the cloud to identify the underperforming code at speed.

evoML for your Team

From developing, optimising and deploying code, our platform uses generative AI methods to empower engineers and data scientists to accelerate code performance and drive business impact.


Data Scientists

  • Experiment with your ideas without worrying about code quality.
  • Speed up your model without compromising accuracy.
  • Automate model code development while having full control of the pipeline.

Software Engineers

  • Get better application performance with AI-assisted code changes, improving your productivity.
  • Proactively improve code quality with every pull request.
  • Automatically optimise your code for the desired hardware (e.g. speed, memory).

ML Engineers

  • Get models into production faster with the best performance in hand.
  • Own High quality customisable ML code to your deployment needs.
  • Run more models with less hardware, anywhere (even edge devices).

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