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We would like to announce that we are now part of Tech Nation Applied AI 3.0 cohort.

The 6-month programme champions the UK’s most exceptional deep tech scaleups through peer-to-peer learning and mentoring sessions. The programme forms part of the UK Government’s AI Sector Deal, to uncover the social and economic benefits of AI and harness its potential to transform people’s lives for the better.

Sam Beni, Applied AI lead, said: “We are very excited to have TurinTech joining the Tech Nation Applied AI programme. The TurinTech team are tackling real world problems, possess a great passion and have an amazing background. They are building one of the future leading AI companies, especially in the field of evolutionary AI optimisation. We at Tech Nation are looking forward to supporting TurinTech’s scaling journey.”

“We are excited to join Tech Nation Applied AI 3.0 Growth Programme. TurinTech is the leader in Artificial Intelligence Optimisation. The programme will supplement our growth by leveraging mentorship, peer support and network.” Dr Leslie Kanthan, CEO of TurinTech, said, “We look forward to contributing to this community, sharing our AI optimisation expertise, and partnering with other deep tech firms to advance AI research and technologies.”

About TurinTech

TurinTech is the leader in Artificial Intelligence Optimisation. TurinTech empowers businesses to build efficient and scalable AI by automating the whole data science lifecycle with multi-objective optimisation. TurinTech enables organisations to drive enterprise AI transformation with minimum human effort, at scale and at speed.

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