Retail Banking

Elevate banking personalisation through quality ML code

Generate production-quality ML code in minutes, transforming the banking experience at speed. Accelerate predictions by 7x for enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced risk.

Use Cases
Customer Acquisition
Personalised Credit Scoring

With evoML, banks can revolutionise credit scoring and underwriting by generating fast ML code to swiftly analyse vast data sources, including traditional and alternative data. For example, evaluate gig workers’ creditworthiness using employment history, online reviews, and invoice payment patterns, enabling well-informed lending decisions to minimise default risks.

Customer Engagement
Personalised Credit Default Risk

Leveraging evoML, banks can develop production-quality ML models to accurately calculate credit default risks for individual customers. For instance, AI can identify self-employed applicants with fluctuating income but strong debt repayment history, allowing banks to adjust lending decisions and offer customised loan terms that accommodate unique circumstances while mitigating potential losses.

Customer Retention
Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention

Utilising evoML’s rapid ML code generation, banks can build models to identify customers at risk of attrition by analysing factors such as transaction history, product usage, and demographic information. Banks can also proactively implement tailored retention strategies, such as offering account upgrade incentives to retain customers and safeguard long-term revenue growth.

Enterprise AI Excellence

Purpose-Built for Enterprise AI Excellence

evoML is designed to meet the diverse AI needs at an enterprise level. From risk management to product and marketing, teams can effortlessly build tailor-made models for various use cases. evoML accelerates time-to-production and maximises data science and engineering productivity by allowing them to generate and optimise production-ready ML code. With evoML, banks can have better control over their ML models and data privacy as they deploy on-premises and own their ML code entirely.

evoML for your Team



  • Augment data science and engineering team productivity with automation.
  • Reduce technical debt, compute and maintenance costs with production quality model code.
  • Take full control of your model code without worrying about data privacy and security.

Tech Experts

Data Scientists|ML Engineers

  • Accelerate time-to-production with automation while consistently attaining high-quality code.
  • Optimise ML code performance across diverse hardware without compromising accuracy.
  • Take full control of the pipeline with ownership of transparent, customisable ML model code.

Business Experts


  • Rapidly extract actionable insights from customer data using an explainable AI platform
  • Leverage your domain expertise for business outcomes, unburdened by the complexities of ML development.
  • Elevate ROI with data-informed decisions and personalised banking experiences
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