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Use Cases
Financial Sentiment Analysis

Using evoML to build AI-powered sentiment analysis applications, traders can analyse news articles, social media posts, and other relevant content to determine whether sentiment is positive or negative. For example, traders can analyse Twitter posts to determine the sentiment around a specific stock and make trading decisions quickly in changing market conditions.

Trade execution
Predict Market Impact

Leveraging evoML, traders can build accurate AI models to predict market impact costs of large orders by taking into account various factors, such as order book depth, undisclosed quantity, bid/ask spread, and historical time series data. With these models, traders can identify the optimal time to enter or exit a position, resulting in better returns while minimising unexpected market impact costs.

Automate Trade Reconciliation

With evoML, FX trading teams can build AI models to automate the process of reconciling FX trades, ensuring trade requests are evaluated, reviewed and matched accurately, eliminating manual errors. With entity recognition models and recommendation models built using evoML, teams can further improve match rates. AI can also flag unmatched trades for human review, saving time and improving efficiency.

evoML for your Team



  • Augment team productivity with automation and seamless integration into existing workflow.
  • Reduce technical debt and compute costs with production-quality model code.
  • Have complete authority over your model code without any concerns about data privacy and security.

Tech Experts

Quant Researcher | Developer

  • Accelerate model development with automation while enjoying flexibility and full control.
  • Focus more on experimenting with your ideas without worrying about code quality.
  • Get better model performance for target hardware with minimum code changes and save time on endless manual iterations.

Trade Experts

Portfolio Manager | Trader

  • Capture profitable trade opportunities at speed with lower latency and efficient model code.
  • Minimise risk with highly accurate predictions and production-quality ML code.
  • Optimise existing models for faster predictions without compromising accuracy or other metrics.
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