Optimise Your Code Performance

with Artemis AI

Our platform uses pretrained language models combined with code analysis methods for better code optimisation and generationArtemis identifies inefficiencies in your code and recommends optimal changes in performance-critical lines.


Your Code

Analyse Code

Optimise Code

Efficient Code

step 1

Identify underperforming code

Detect Code Inefficiencies

Review and cross-reference different lines of code simultaneously in the cloud to identify the underperforming code at speed.

Automated Code Performance Report

Detailed analysis of code issues and explanation of how they affect performance.

step 2

AI-powered recommendations

Intelligent Code Optimisation

TuringTech uses evolutionary algorithms, meta-learning and search-based software engineering, to automatically identify critical issues and recommend better code versions for accelerated code running time, less memory usage and energy consumption.

Continuous Active Learning

The more you use the platform, the more it learns from previous code optimisations to achieve optimal code performance.

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TurinTech is a research-driven company, with over 10 years of experience in the code optimisation area, and backed by leading investors.

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