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About Hey Oliver:

Hey Oliver is a marketing automation software that helps business grow faster, convert more visitors, and run automated, targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Hey Oliver has worked with over 3,000 clients and generated over 12 million revenue for them.

1. Business Challenge

To maximise marketing performance, Hey Oliver needed to help their clients send relevant marketing messaging across the right channels to the right recipient at the right time.

Hey Oliver wanted to build AI models that run fast to handle hundreds of millions user-activity records every day, so that they could track every action a consumer takes over multiple channels, visualise in-depth insights, and engage customers with personalised content in real time.

The majority of Hey Oliver team are marketing experts and software engineers. They wanted an end-to-end, code-free process to develop advanced AI models that are ready to be deploy within their software.

2. Build and Scale AI

With EvoML, Hey Oliver has quickly built different models to supercharge marketing automation:

  1. Tracking. The model makes it easier to create micro-segmented groups of users (more than 25 segmentation criteria).
  2. Targeting. The AI model predicts visitors’ interests and interacts with hot leads on the right channel, at the right time.
  3. Converting: The model can automatically deliver personalised and targeted marketing campaigns to every individual which increases sales

As a cloud-based marketing software, Hey Oliver set up EvoML in their cloud infrastructure simply using the container-based Kubernetes cluster installation. It took only 2 weeks for them to build and deploy the first model into their product, which may take several months when built manually.

3. Results

With EvoML, Hey Oliver has achieved successful business results:

  1. Enhance customer satisfaction: Using advanced AI models built on EvoML, Hey Oliver helps their clients automatically target and convert higher value customers with hyper-personalisation.
  2. Increase revenue. Hey Oliver increased their revenues by 20%, by generating more personalised ads that led to lower customer churn.
  3. Serve more customers. Hey Oliver could scale and serve more clients as it avoided the manual and time-consuming work of customer segmentation.

Since Hey Oliver is growing fast with more customers, they would like to use EvoML to continuously optimise their deployed models, so that models can stay up-to-date with latest marketing data. In the future, Hey Oliver plans to use EvoML to build more models for improving customer satisfaction and eventually build a team of data scientists that can leverage the power of AI using EvoML.

“What I appreciate the most about EvoML is its flexibility and thoroughness. It did not take us much time to get accustomed to its features since it is very easy to follow. It is especially impressive that TurinTech achieved this great user experience in such a robust and sophisticated platform”. -Nikolas Nikolaides, Hey Oliver