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The fast is eating the slow. Build efficient models to understand data better than competitors, gain competitive advantages and disrupt the status quo. Entrepreneurial fintech firms leverage data and code optimisation to thrive in critical areas such as lending, credit risk, security, payments system and compliance.

How evoML Benefits Fintech
Make Rigorous Decisions with More Accurate Models

evoML enables fintech firms to build more accurate ML models, leading to higher profits. evoML has been used to improve the accuracy of highly profitable models such as credit risk, personalised wealth management, and cryptocurrency prediction. These models enable you to compete with traditional banks with efficient processes and improved results.

Boost Profit with Faster Models

Our code optimisation reduces latency, improves throughput and minimises computational demands, allowing you to scale easily to capture a bigger market. evoML accelerates the prediction time of ML-based models, allowing clients to process millions of rows of data in milliseconds, and act faster than competitors in the market.

Reduce Costs with Quicker Model Generation

Accelerate model building process from months to weeks with your current team, saving cost on extra hires. evoML has been used to speed up ML delivery to production from 6 months to 2 weeks, allowing the team to have more models in production to maximise ROI.

Mitigate Risk with Higher Explainability

evoML offers improved timely insights on risk and compliance with increased explainability. evoML has been used by lenders to make better lending decisions with lower credit risk and full transparency. Clients receive model code and reports, explaining model decisions to satisfy regulators.

High-Value Use Cases
Enable digitised payments

Digitised methods of payment make it much more convenient to carry out transactions. However, fraudulent transactions or bottlenecks in payment authentication can significantly impact consumer and vendor experience. With evoML, fintech companies can build better models to enable digitised payments, allowing financial firms, merchants, and buyers to carry out transactions easily.

Enhance customer experience

Consumer sentiment about a product or a service can be easily swayed by the nature of customer experience received. AI technologies are able to provide far-ranging solutions at various customer touchpoints. With evoML, firms are able to better understand and provide timely and personalised solutions to consumer concerns, improving the overall customer experience.

Improve financial security

Conventional methods of providing online security are now being replaced by innovative technological solutions. These systems provide stronger protection as well as greater convenience for users. evoML enables fintech companies to efficiently work with user data to provide enhanced security by detecting fraudulent user behaviours and improving KYC process, while also minimising biases and errors.

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