Accelerate the Prediction Time of ML Trading Models

In trading, efficiency is money. It is estimated that a 1-millisecond advantage in trading can be worth $100 million a year in profits. Take advantage of code optimisation for ML to automatically detect and reduce inefficiencies at source code level. Reduce latency, improve model performance and get more profitable outcomes faster.

How evoML Benefits Financial Markets
Maximise Profits with More Accurate Models

evoML enables financial market professionals to build more accurate models based on large and diverse sets of trading data. evoML has been used to improve the accuracy of models that predict the direction, sentiment, and volatility of the market, increasing profits by millions.

Further Boost Profit with Faster Models

Build efficient machine learning models without compromising accuracy. Capitalise on profitable trading opportunities before your competitors. evoML has been used to generate ML-based signals from time-series data, and accelerate the speed of trading algorithms.

Reduce Costs with Quicker Model Generation

Developing ML models is costly. This includes, but is not limited to costs in data engineering, hardware, infrastructure, deployment, and monitoring. evoML speeds up the development and deployment of ML models from months to days, saving on the cost of investing in complex infrastructure and talent.

Mitigate Risk with Higher Explainability

evoML explainability metrics enable organisations to make better-informed decisions about risk and compliance. evoML has been used to build prediction models (equity, index, crypto, etc.) with full transparency. Clients can use evoML model code and reports, to make trading decisions with confidence, and easily explain the decision-making process to regulators.

High-Value Use Cases
Accelerate algorithmic trading

Computational modelling is already used for trading activities in financial markets. However, AI-based algorithmic trading is far more efficient and accurate than conventional means of conducting algorithmic trading. evoML enables traders and investors to process a larger volume of data at a faster rate, accelerating the algorithmic trading process.

Analyse market sentiment

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that allows companies to derive insights on market sentiment  from a range of sources. By using evoML to build models that analyse large amounts of text data such as social media, news,  reports, and consumer reviews, market sentiment can be better understood, leading to more optimal trading decisions.

Portfolio optimisation

An optimal portfolio maximises returns and minimises risks. evoML enables traders to build AI-based trading technologies to analyse asset risks and returns. These analyses can be used to construct optimal portfolios. While traditional mathematical modelling allows quantitative analysis into portfolio optimisation, AI-based approaches can generate more efficient and accurate results.

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