Build Custom Models Using your Bank’s Own Data

Stay ahead of the competition by building custom models to take advantage of proprietary data that out-of-the-box solutions can’t access. For instance, a better credit scoring model is one that could combine both external (e.g. Experian) and internal data (e.g. transaction history).

How evoML Benefits Banking
Maximise Profits with More Accurate Models

evoML enables banks to build more accurate ML models, leading to higher profits. evoML has been used to improve the accuracy of highly profitable application scenarios such as churn prediction, credit scoring and stock price prediction. As little as a 5% increase in the accuracy of model predictions, can increase profits by millions.

Further Boost Profit with Faster Models

Our code optimisation reduces latency, improves throughput and minimises computational demands, giving you a competitive advantage. evoML accelerates the prediction time of ML-based trading models, allowing clients to process millions of rows of data in milliseconds and act faster than competitors in the market.

Reduce Costs with Quicker Model Generation

Accelerate the model-building process from months to weeks with just your current team, saving cost on extra hires. evoML has been used to speed up the ML development to production timeline from 6 months to 2 weeks, allowing teams to have more models in production to maximise ROI.

Mitigate Risk with Higher Explainability

Due to higher explainability, evoML offers improved and timely insights on risk and compliance. evoML has been used to build stock price prediction models with full transparency. Clients get model code and reports, which can be used to explain model decisions to satisfy regulators.

High-Value Use Cases
Increase accuracy of credit scoring

Accuracy is crucial in credit score calculation since it directly impacts the financial position of a bank. Denying credit from creditworthy individuals can harm the outlook of the bank. Custom AI models built on evoML are able to calculate credit scores with higher precision since they can also utilise proprietary customer data that external credit reporting companies don’t have access to.

Detect transaction fraud faster

Detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions is a key priority for banking institutions. With millions of transactions taking place everyday, banks require robust technologies to counter transaction fraud. evoML enables banks to build transaction fraud detection models, and process large amounts of data efficiently in a small fraction of time.

Improve performance of anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering involves monitoring customer and transaction information and flagging suspicious activity. In using anti-money laundering technology, false positives and false negatives are both harmful. With evoML, banks can build AI-enabled anti-money laundering models. These models consider a larger set of underlying factors to make better decisions faster.

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Trusting Partners from Day One

Our expert researchers, data scientists, and software engineers will work closely with your team, building the roadmap to AI success for your business.