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Data governance is prominent in helping financial institutions stay compliant as digitalisation accelerates. It ensures that an institution has the right data available at the right time, and that the data is accurate and in the required format to satisfy specific business needs.

One of the most critical component of data governance is Know Your Customer (KYC). KYC is designed to ensure that organisations collect detailed due-diligence information on their customers to avoid the risk of interacting with parties involved in illicit and unlawful business.

Unfortunately, most banks today still have manual approaches to data governance, which cannot keep up with the fast pace of digitalisation, the constantly evolving fraud landscape and heavy regulations. In addition, most compliance professionals are already weary of continuing scrutiny, becoming proficient in data governance increases complexity to an already difficult job. Modern data compliance requires easier, more agile and accessible approaches.


With EvoML, compliance professionals can build transparent and explainable models to empower their KYC process. AI is great at finding patterns and spotting anomalies in large data sets. EvoML generates highly accurate models to identify anomalies while minimising false alarms. In addition, AI-powered data governance is more agile and adaptive. Models can be continuously optimised on EvoML, learning new fraud patterns overtime to stay effective. Furthermore, EvoML’s transparent end-to-end process explains how each dataset is used and what data models or insights are based on, enabling institutions to easily demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors.


  • • More Efficient and Agile GovernanceAI enables greater accuracy in detecting financial fraud and scams in the fast-pacing business environment.
  • • Reduce RiskMore powerful and transparent AI-powered data governance helps maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data and build trust among customers and regulators, which minimises risks associated with regulations and customer loyalty.
  • • Reduce CostAI powered data governance significantly reduces the number of false alarms, bringing down the cost of manually reviewing.

EvoML can be used by:

  • • Compliance Team
  • • Tech Experts for in Data Governance Vendors