Research Intern

At TurinTech, we make AI scalable. We partner with the world’s most prestigious institutions to advance research in AI optimisation. Our Product EvoML, the world’s first Evolutionary Optimisation Platform, enables both tech and business users to automatically build, optimise and deploy AI at scale. EvoML has been used by leading companies to build more profitable trading algorithms, develop hyper-personalised consumer goods products, create more accurate health diagnosis software and more.

The role

We are seeking a Research Intern to join our research team. This is an unique opportunity to embed yourself in a fast-growing deep tech company. Our research team at TurinTech advances the research in automatic ML model generation and optimisation using the latest cutting-edge approaches in feature selection/engineering, model tuning, model explainability and other parts of the ML process.

What you will do

  • Assist other data scientists in analysing and investigating the existing machine learning models generated by the EvoML platform.
  • Support new optimisation algorithms development.
  • Assist in developing new plugins and features .
  • Assist in developing new feature selection and feature engineering techniques for specific customer datasets.
  • Assist in Implementing latest production-ready ML models that run on clients’ data centers.

Who you are

  • Pursuing a graduate degree (Masters or PhD) in computer science, mathematics, or a related field
  • Comprehensive and deep knowledge of a relevant field of research, such as natural language understanding, natural language processing, machine translation, or machine learning.
  • Solid coding skills (Python, Java etc)
  • Enthusiasm for applying machine learning to real-world problems
  • Computer science grounding in algorithms and data structures
  • Ability to present your ideas clearly and compellingly in both verbal and written form

At TurinTech you will get to

  • Benefit from state-of-the-art AI technologies and open source libraries based on our award-winning research
  • Expose to real-world AI problems with our leading customers across various industries
  • Work with a talented, passionate and ambitious team from different backgrounds and continents
  • Work at one of the most promising deep tech startups who is backed by top VC firm
  • Take ownership and contribute to a wide variety of projects that make no one day is like another

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